Peruvian project is most voted idea at History Channel contest

10:39 | Lima, Nov. 26.

Nutri H —an iron-enriched biscuit that prevents childhood anemia, developed by Peruvian agro-industrial engineer Julio Garay Barrios from Beca 18 scholarship program— was the most voted project at One Idea to Change History from History Channel Latam.

The voting process ended on Sunday, November 24 and —according to the official count— Nutri H received 671,879 votes.

The second most voted idea was Speakliz Vision (Ecuador/25,768 votes), which supports people with visual impairment, while the third place was taken by Thermy (Mexico/22,228 votes) —a follow-up examination for early detection of breast cancer.

"I am very grateful to government institutions and to every Peruvian who entrusted me with their vote. Now, we have to wait for the jury to assess the semifinalists. We are confident that the quality of our product, as well as the results from pilot tests, will put us on first place and further spread the Peruvian idea around the world," Garay Barrios stated.

Once the voting is closed, the jury decides which of the most voted ideas will occupy first, second and third place.

History Channel will announce the list of winners on January 29.

Nutri H biscuits are currently distributed in more than 25 authorized establishments across Peru and are part of the plans to prevent childhood anemia at nearly ten public institutions, including district municipalities and regional governments.

According to tests conducted by such institutions, these biscuits increase the hemoglobin level of consumers within 30 days.


Publicado: 26/11/2019