Peru PM: Not prioritizing bills is burying political reform

22:14 | Lima, May. 8.

Prime Minister Salvador del Solar on Wednesday expressed his concern regarding the Constitution Commission's decision to approve a schedule aimed at assessing the political reform bills without granting it the necessary urgency.

"Not giving priority to the bills submitted by the Executive Branch means burying the political reform. It means declaring that it is not important (…)," the cabinet chief said. 

"The least we can do is to urge Congress, specifically the Constitution Commission, to reconsider (this)," he added. 

Likewise, the high-ranking official indicated that corruption has governed the Inca country for decades due to a system that allowed "dark funding." Thus, political organizations have been weakened. 

Furthermore, the Prime Minister noted the Executive Branch's proposal denotes an organic and systematic reform. It is also the result of the efforts undertaken by experts, which must be given priority at Parliament, in accordance with Article N° 105 of the Constitution

"We are changing this country; just like the justice reform, the political reform is a tool to change this country by the Bicentennial," the cabinet chief underlined. 

Finally, Del Solar stated it is necessary to establish who are the ones working for justice and against impunity, seeking a new political context that enables Peru to become a modern and transparent country

On April 10, the Executive Branch presented 12 political reform bills to Congress, which should have been given priority by the Constitution Commission. 

Remarks were made following a Council of Ministers session.


Published: 5/8/2019
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