Peru: Six greatest goals towards Independence Bicentennial



14:07 | Lima, Nov. 8.

The Independence Bicentennial celebration is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the Inca nation's needs, and to take action on the construction of the country Peruvians need on its way towards reaching the third century as a Republic.

Identity and Diversity 

By 2021, the Inca country will carry out a series of cultural projects on a large scale, as well as launch campaigns to retrieve heritage. 

No corruption 

Another goal is to strengthen democratic institutions and implement anti-corruption measures to fight this scourge, which is a hindrance to development. 

By 2021, political-justice reforms will have been implemented, and democratic institutions will begin a true strengthening process.

Equal Opportunities 

Likewise, it is essential for Peru to reduce poverty and inequality by investing in infrastructure and putting in place social reforms focused on citizens. 

When a country fights firmly against gender violence, then it can create spaces free of intolerance and discrimination. 

Dialogue and reconciliation 

Furthermore, by 2021, meeting and reconciliation areas will be built for the sake of a caring, fair, and open-to-dialogue society.


Valuing Peru's immense diversity and acknowledging development —as well as the environment protection— are also important objectives. 

It must be noted the Inca country is the third-most vulnerable nation to climate change.
Thus, environmental conservation is a value that will be taught since childhood and be addressed cross-sectorally from the Government. 

Integration and competitiveness 

Lastly, the Inca country will rely on a growing economy aimed at placing people at the center of economic development and work. 

For this reason, Peru is shaping an integrated nation, which will be linked to the articulated works among its sectors and regions.


Published: 11/8/2018
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