Peru President urges Congress to review justice reform bills expeditiously

10:59 | Lima, Dec. 13.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra urged Parliament to speed up the review of justice system reform bills —submitted by the Executive Branch last August— as they have not yet been passed by the respective Congressional commissions.

In his message to the nation on Wednesday night, the Head of State recalled the Government had submitted seven bills to Parliament in August this year, just as he promised to do while addressing Peruvians on July 28 (the country's Independence Day).

"I exhort the Congress of the Republic to review these bills expeditiously. We cannot waste a single minute in the fight against corruption and the justice system reform. Peruvians demand it," he indicated.

So far, he explained, only one draft law has been approved by Congress' Justice and Constitution Commissions in order to be on the agenda of the plenary session.

However, he expressed concern over the other six proposals, which have not made significant progress after 130 days, while the Executive Power —assisted by the Wagner Commission—  prepared them in 20 days.

"These bills suggest urgent and concrete measures in order to contribute to building an effective, transparent, and corruption-free justice, so the bodies administrating it can regain legitimacy," he stated.

Two proposed laws aim to create a control and integrity authority at the Judiciary and another at the Public Ministry. 

Another bill is intended to halt Public Ministry's participation in contentious administrative proceedings, thus minimizing their delay.

Also, there is a proposal that establishes the obligation of justice system institutions to make relevant information transparent.

On the other hand, one of the initiatives seeks to create a prosecution system specializing in corruption offenses committed by officials, money laundering and related crimes. Plus, it plans to modify the Public Ministry's Organic Law.

Additionally, there is a bill to create the Justice System Reform Council, and another to encourage honesty in the legal profession.


Published: 12/13/2018
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