Peru President: Immunity is necessary, but not impunity

18:06 | Lima, May. 7.

President Martin Vizcarra on Tuesday affirmed parliamentary immunity is important and necessary. However, he does not agree with impunity.

"Yes to immunity, but more objective mechanisms must be considered (…)," the Head of State expressed. 

In this sense, the top official recalled the High-Level Political Reform Commission recommended —in its proposal— that the Judicial Power's Supreme Court should be in charge of lifting lawmakers' parliamentary immunity

"If Congress believes it should be worked in another way, they can make a suggestion, but it will be achieved based on a discussion. If they do not debate the subject, then we cannot advance at all," he expressed. 

On the other hand, the statesman pointed out Prime Minister Salvador del Solar held meetings with Congress' political groups and may hold more audiences, but if there is not any willingness, the matter will not be included in the agenda. 

Furthermore, he mentioned the Executive Branch submitted the political reform proposal a month ago, and at least 70% of Peruvian citizens support it. In addition, many parliamentary groups currently ask for this matter to be discussed. 

"What are we waiting for? Let's debate the political reform. In the meantime, let's all work together —all the State's branches and the population— in order to find the paths that will lead us to finding solutions to these problems," President Vizcarra concluded. 


Published: 5/7/2019
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