Peru: Death curve slows down slightly compared to previous weeks

Photo: Essalud

Photo: Essalud

19:21 | Lima, Feb. 22.

The death curve in Peru has seen a slight downturn compared to previous weeks, Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Claudia Cornejo said on Monday afternoon at a press conference held at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) in Lima.

According to data as of February 17, "the rate of deaths has slowed down in 14 provinces," the government official stated.

Cornejo pointed out that epidemiological indicators in six out of 32 provinces classified as extreme risk areas for COVID-19 have improved.

These provinces are Utcubamba (Amazonas region), Islay (Arequipa region), Cutervo (Cajamarca region), Canchis (Cusco region), Yauli (Junin region), and Mariscal Ramon Castilla (Loreto region).

"Additionally, we must also report that the movement (of people) has dropped considerably in the first days of lockdown, especially in extreme risk regions," she added. However, this indicator recorded a slight rebound in the last two weeks. 

Vaccination process

Regarding the vaccination process, she said the Ministry of Health (Minsa) platform indicates that around 180,000 people have so far been vaccinated at 9,159 health establishments nationwide.

"Out of one million Sinopharm vaccine doses that arrived in Peru, 346,297 have been already distributed," the Cabinet member explained.

Remarks were made during the presentation of a report on the measures adopted by the Executive Branch in order to address the second wave of COVID-19.


Publicado: 22/2/2021