Peru committed to making changes to reduce carbon dioxide emissions

14:55 | Lima, Dec. 4.

The Government of Peru is committed to making changes in the population's environmental awareness with the aim of reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, Environment Minister Fabiola Muñoz affirmed on Wednesday.

The announcement was made a few days after the 25th UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) began in Madrid (Spain).

Muñoz stressed that the Peruvian State has taken a number of actions to strengthen the Inca country's response to climate emergency.

"We are called to increase our ambition and sense of urgency in a bid to combat climate change," the minister said.

"We have made progress on issues like single-use plastic, and we are working with Osinergmin, as well as the Ministry of Energy and Mines, to promote electromobility so as to build up less polluting public transport systems," she stated.

In addition, Muñoz remarked that her sector —in conjunction with the Economy-Finance Ministry (MEF) and Transport-Communications Ministry (MTC)— works on the "scrap bond" to help the vehicle fleet lower CO2 emissions.

The cabinet member referred to the recently launched campaign for the recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), saying it will enable better management of polluting waste that —if not properly recycled— wreaks havoc on the ecosystem.

"We are committed to making important changes in our (environment-oriented) culture, and part of that purpose involves adopting sustainable measures, curbing illegal mining, working in an articulated manner with companies, and reaching clean production agreements that promote an efficient use of resources," she expressed.


Publicado: 4/12/2019