President: "Peru is laying the foundations that allow us to build a stronger country"

12:45 | Lima, Dec. 20.

Peru is laying the foundations that will allow us to build a more solid, fairer, and better-developed country. The progress seen in the last 20 months is undeniable, and we have achieved it with the support of the majority of citizens, President Martin Vizcarra affirmed on Friday.

During the graduation ceremony of cadets belonging to the 2020 Naval School Class, the Head of State stressed that the efforts made by the Government are proven in concrete actions that directly benefit the citizens.

For example, the top official highlighted the Law on Healthy Eating and the Urgency Decree on Generic Medicines —regulations that have a positive impact on the population's health— as well as the improvement of human development indexes —such as PISA test results— which reflect progress in education.

The statesman stressed the advances in the connectivity and reconstruction of Piura —with paved roads and bridges relying on structural strength as a permanent alternative to the climate-change issue— as well as in the construction of 10 wastewater treatment plants to decontaminate Lake Titicaca.

The President also mentioned the efforts to provide better security to Peruvians (as 12,000 police members will join the force thru end-2019), the execution of the Multi-purpose Chancay Port that will enhance the exports capacity and competitiveness of farmers, in addition to the tourism sector's growth with the construction of Jorge Chavez International Airport's second runway along with the Chinchero International Airport.

"These are some of the works and actions that we have been boosting in order to open a new stage in the country, which allow us to be confident that next year we will continue along the path of growth, progress, and well-being," he said.

In this process of change, the top official stressed the need to stand firm against any corruption acts because Peruvians are more aware of how harmful it is.

Later, the statesman showed his support for the Navy that has been fulfilling its mission in favor of defense and integrity, which is always at the service of citizens.


Published: 12/20/2019
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