Peru: PTAR Titicaca to boost productive, tourist activities in Puno

15:09 | Puno (Puno region), Nov. 15.

Peru's Economy and Finance Minister Maria Antonieta Alva on Friday affirmed that the Wastewater Treatment System Project for Lake Titicaca Basin (PTAR Titicaca) will boost the development of productive and tourist activities in the southern city of Puno.

Within this framework, the cabinet member stressed that this project will enhance the quality of life of at least one million inhabitants through the improvement of their health and productivity.

"It is clear that having a cleaner lake will enable tourism activities to be developed. This will attract more jobs and improvements for all of you," Alva expressed.

It should be noted the Wastewater Treatment System Project for Lake Titicaca Basin (PTAR Titicaca) will serve to treat sewage waters before they reach the lake and contaminate it.

The concessionaire will operate wastewater treatment plants in 10 provinces located around the area.

"They have waited a long time for this project, which includes the intervention by 10 treatment plants (…), and I am proud to be here starting this great project," she said.

National Infrastructure Plan

"As a Government, we are committed to executing the plan very promptly because it is the mechanism that will help close the gaps, as required so much by our population in order to improve their productivity and make Peru more competitive," Alva stated.

"In this country, there is much to be done, but we will only be able to move forward if we work together: the company, the regional government, the ministries, and the mayors (...). I commit to making our greatest effort, so that the PTAR Titicaca Project will run within the expected deadlines," she added.

Natural gas to arrive in Puno soon

The minister noted this project will be joined by others —such as the gas massification project— with the purpose of generating greater well-being among the population of Puno.


Published: 11/15/2019
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