2020 parliamentary elections: Corruption top concern of Peruvian voters

15:28 | Lima, Dec. 18.

Corruption is the primary concern of those eligible to vote in the January 2020 extraordinary parliamentary elections in Peru, according to the Profile of Voters prepared by the National Election Board (JNE).

As stated in the document, corruption is followed by citizen insecurity and unemployment, which are also perceived as major problems in the Inca country.

JNE recalled that —during 2016 general elections— the most frequently reported problems were crime and lack of security (61%), corruption and bribes (48%), as well as unemployment and lack of jobs (30%).

However, citing a July opinion report from the Institute of Peruvian Studies (IEP), corruption holds the first place (68%) in 2019. That means nearly 70% of Peruvians at the national level believe that this is the country's major problem.

This change in priorities, it stressed, can be explained by the massive exposure of complaints and investigations on corruption over the past years, such as the case of Odebrecht and The Port's White Collars, among others.

To JNE, the order of these issues has an impact on the agenda for the upcoming elections.

"This divergence of priorities will definitely sort the proposals of future candidates in the 2020 extraordinary parliamentary elections. This is why it is important that their proposals meet the principal demands of citizens," it stated.


Published: 12/18/2019
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