Peru: Lima Int'l Airport US$1.5 billion expansion to be completed in 2024

00:00 | Lima, Nov. 13.

Project Expansion Director at Lima's Jorge Chavez International Airport, Anton Aramayo, has informed that the corresponding works will demand an investment worth US$1.5 billion, adding the airport will become one of Latin America's most modern ones.

In this sense, the officer indicated that the new runway, as well as the control tower, will be ready in 2022.

"That same year the rehabilitation works on the current runway will begin," he expressed.

He explained that the moving-related procedure should last some six months, as this includes airlines, migration offices, and drug control sections, among others.

"The amount of people, who live and work in a terminal, is large. Everyone will have to move to their new home, and that whole process should take some six months," he stated.


The officer said the current terminal's destination —once the new airport starts operations— has not been determined yet.

According to him, the area has an important logistics and cargo affiliation. Thus, this will draw the interest of important operators.

Likewise, the existing airport is planned to be used for other purposes: private and commercial use, among others.

"The two runways will be fully integrated into the new terminal, which will provide it with an important operational advantage," he remarked.

Aramayo also explained that a key factor was to accelerate the new terminal design.

Technological strategies

"All airlines —such as Latam, Avianca, Sky, among others— have several plans for the Lima Airport. Therefore, once we have inaugurated the new airport, they will implement their technological and operational strategies," he said.

With this, he added, they might see Lima as their operation center in comparison with other countries.


Published: 11/13/2019
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