Peru President: Fights for equality, against corruption generate consensus in Peru

13:04 | Lima, Dec. 17.

If we want to build a more equitable, fair and sustainable country, we must continue with actions and move quickly towards closing gaps; the consensus reached among all the sectors represented here must become a reality, Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra affirmed on Tuesday during the 127th session of the National Agreement Forum.

In this regard, the Head of State noted that —in order to consolidate the commitments in favor of national development— it is essential to put the interests of the country above particular benefits, act with true amending capacity, and respect the people's will.

During his speech, the top official said that —although the efforts made by this Forum to promote actions in favor of the country's economic growth have been important— the scenario and citizens' expectations have changed.

"At that time, at the beginning of the year 2000, the priority was to achieve high GDP growth levels. Nowadays, the challenge goes further and is about promoting equitable, competitive, and sustainable growth. It is about building solid, representative, and legitimate institutions, as well as political parties, in addition to empowered citizens with the ability to oversee and criticize their representatives," he expressed.
In this sense, the President stressed that currently the fight for equality and the fight against corruption are two issues of broad consensus in Peru, since both of them are present on the national agenda, as well as in speeches by politicians and candidates, the media, social networks, polls, public debates, and at households.

The statesman also recalled that corruption took more than S/10 billion (about US$2.977 billion) per year, adding that money could have been invested in drinking water works, schools, health posts, police stations, and infrastructure in favor of the poorest citizens.

"There is no way to build a more just and equal society if the majority of Peruvians do not believe or bet on that goal. There is no way to eradicate corruption without there being true collective awareness about how harmful and pernicious this scourge is," he stated.

Moreover, the top official highlighted the country's important advances in health, education, and economic income, according to the latest results of the United Nations Human Development Report and the PISA test. However, this growth has not been equitable in all regions.

"Our country has experienced sustained progress in human development, but the improvement has been concentrated mainly on the coast, particularly in Lima Metropolitan area and the other major urban centers of the country," he said.


Published: 12/17/2019
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