Peru President requests citizens to support fight against corruption

14:56 | Tayacaja (Huancavelica region), Dec. 21.

President Martin Vizcarra on Friday urged all Peruvians to support the fight against corruption by overseeing authorities, as well as their works, and projects so that public resources can be destined for new ones.

According to the Head of State, his administration is still new —he assumed the Presidency less than a year ago. However, it is displaying clear signs of working alongside the citizens and taking care of their needs.

"I want the people's support, I want you to support me by overseeing the authorities, works, and projects," he underlined.

"If we are able to combat corruption, then there will be a greater budget allocation for more schools, works, and roads. For that reason, it is important to fight corruption," the top official expressed. 

Furthermore, he pointed out the alliance between institutions and the population paid off in the December 9 referendum's results

"Thank you for your trust, for your support. Be assured we will not disappoint you," the statesman said. 

"My commitment is to work with honesty, dedication, and determination —alongside authorities and citizens— in order to create a better country for everyone," he added. 

Moreover, President Vizcarra reaffirmed his promise to support small-scale farmers. 

He also informed his administration has declared state of emergency in a group of provinces, which need help from the State due to unfavorable weather conditions. 


Published: 12/21/2018
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