Peru President: Citizens' support gives us strength to fight corruption

13:59 | Huancabamba (Piura region), Dec. 20.

President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday affirmed Peruvian citizens' support grants his government strength to continue fighting corruption.

According to the Head of State, the combat against this scourge is one of his administration's main guidelines

"People's support gives us the strength to continue fighting corruption, which must go hand-in-hand with the execution of projects such as roads, hospitals, basic sanitation (services), schools, and productive infrastructure," the top official expressed. 

Likewise, he pointed out the set goals can be achieved if there is cooperation among local and regional authorities, as well as the Executive Branch, adding it is possible to work coordinately with Congress. 

"There may be arguments, (…) but when it comes to projects for the most forgotten citizens, we put any kind of disagreement aside and work together," the statesman stressed. 

In this sense, he expressed his commitment to continue working with Congress and coordinating the necessary regulations aimed at strengthening institutions such as the Judiciary

"Projects are carried out with quality, honesty, and on time when the population comes together," President Vizcarra concluded. 


Published: 12/20/2018
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