Peru President urges elected authorities to reject corruption

11:16 | Lima, Dec. 5.

President Martin Vizcarra urged recently-elected authorities to reject corruption from their first day in office and reaffirmed his commitment to cooperating with them in order to move development works forward.

In this sense, the Head of State pointed out the General Budget is decentralized, thus resources —which will be allocated to regional and local governments— must be safeguarded. 

Likewise, the top official indicated the Executive Branch undertakes great efforts to fight this scourge, adding approximately S/10 billion (around US$2.954 billion) are lost due to it.

Furthermore, he urged elected mayors not to commit this crime, as some authorities have done in the past, who currently serve sentences for having been involved in corruption offenses

"Nothing remains hidden. Sooner or later it comes to light. Justice can take time, but it will come," the statesman expressed. 

"Why put your families in danger? (…) For that reason, work honestly, keep this resolution you currently have for four years," he pointed out. 

President Vizcarra went on to add it is necessary to articulate the efforts undertaken by the Government's different levels aimed at meeting the population's primary needs and achieving national development

"I, alongside the ministers, am totally willing to work as a team. We will work together with the 24 regional governors (…), we will work on the priorities of the districts, province, and region," the Head of State said. 

Moreover, he asked authorities to recruit the best professionals —at the beginning of their terms in 2019— with the purpose of achieving the set goals and improving citizens' quality of life

Lastly, the top official announced he will hold meetings with the Inca nation's elected regional governors on December 17-18 to explain in detail the teamwork that will be implemented in the next years.


Published: 12/5/2018
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