Peru President: True education provides equal opportunities for women

12:53 | Lima, Oct. 15.

True education involves providing equal opportunities and possibilities for women, President Martin Vizcarra affirmed on Monday.

Likewise, the Head of State emphasized the civic culture promoted at educational institutions. 

"Providing true education means providing equal possibilities for women. They have demonstrated the great role they play. Plus, everything depends on chances they are given and on their willingness to achieve top positions," he stated.

In this sense, he urged students at this all-girls school to aspire to be a future mayor or President of Peru, thus stressing the importance of civic culture to achieve excellence.

He referred to a number of remarkable women such as Esther Caceres and Elvira Garcia. However, he believes there should be more like them.

According to the Peruvian leader, more than 600 schools are being built at the district and regional level.

His remarks were made during the opening of the refurbished Esther Caceres Salgado School in Lima's Rimac district.


Published: 10/15/2018
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