Peru President: Gov't works to improve citizens' quality of life

11:49 | Lima, Aug. 8.

President Martin Vizcarra on Wednesday affirmed his administration will continue to work to provide a better quality of life for Peruvian citizens, thus ensuring access to safe drinking water, for instance.

He stressed the need to meet the population's demands mainly in remote areas, "where people wait for years to get services like water."

"We'll keep on working for the most disadvantaged, to develop projects that improve the quality of life of our citizens," he said.

According to the Peruvian leader, S/10 billion (around US$ 3.058 billion) was allocated to local and regional governments this year in order to carry out sanitation, drinking water, education, and health works. 

Moreover, through Peru's State-owned water utility (Sedapal), 10 additional sanitation projects are being implemented to meet the needs of more than 740,000 citizens.

"We are pleased to bring assistance and well-being because drinking water brings health to people (…)," he expressed.

"For reasons of justice, we are going to work for those who have less. That's why we are here working since early in the morning," he added.

Election of authorities

On the other hand, the statesman reiterated his call for voting wisely during the upcoming local and regional elections —set to be held across the country on October 7.


Published: 8/8/2018
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