Peruvians approve three reforms, reject one at referendum

16:07 | Lima, Dec. 9.

Exit polls —conducted by Ipsos Peru— indicate that Peruvians have approved three constitutional reforms and rejected one at Sunday's referendum.

As is known, President Martin Vizcarra had called a referendum to submit four political-justice reforms for public consultation.
The reforms were proposed by the Executive Branch and subsequently approved by Congress.

Said proposals addressed lawmakers' reelection, bicameral legislature, political parties' private financing, and a reform of the National Council of the Magistracy (CNM) —renamed National Justice Board.

Below are the four referendum questions and results:

1. Do you approve the constitutional reform on the National Justice Board's composition and functions?
Yes: 87.1% / No: 12.9%

2. Do you approve the constitutional reform to regulate political parties' private financing?
Yes: 85% / No: 15%

3. Do you approve the constitutional reform to ban the immediate re-election of lawmakers?
Yes: 85.2% / No: 14.8%

4. Do you approve the constitutional reform to establish a bicameral parliamentary system at Congress?
Yes: 14.9% / No: 85.1%

The ballots for each question were counted separately, so voters had to tick each question separately as well.

Therefore, the Vizcarra administration intends to implement a positive change in Peru with these reforms.

The results were announced Sunday at 4:00 PM as polling stations were closing following local and regional elections held across the Inca country.


Published: 12/9/2018
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