Peru President requests commitment and honesty to elected authorities

13:49 | Pucallpa (Ucayali region), Nov. 26.

President Martin Vizcarra on Monday urged newly-elected regional and municipal authorities to carry out honest, committed, and corruption-free works, adding this will guarantee a successful administration for the next four years.

Likewise, the Head of State encouraged articulated and orderly efforts —with the purpose of prioritizing the most urgent projects— and suggested the soon-to-be officials to surround themselves with experienced staff

"Continue (developing) the projects you have found underway, especially the ones without economic, physical or legal problems," the top official expressed.

Furthermore, the statesman indicated —that by next week— he will have talked with 1,800 recently-elected authorities

"The notion of 'the one who steals, but works' is a thing of the past. By no means will we accept that. Stealing cannot be justified," the Head of State added. 


According to the top official, his administration's desire for decentralization is not just a speech. It can be proven by the 6.9% increase —compared to 2018— in the funds that will be allocated to regional and local governments

Remarks were made during his meeting with rainforest Ucayali region's newly-elected authorities, who will take office in January 2019.

Moreover, the statesman urged them to call on the population to participate in the December 9 referendum in order to voice their opinion on the government's four constitutional reforms.

Published: 11/26/2018
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