Peru Prime Minister: We are a decentralist government

Photo: PCM

Photo: PCM

15:03 | Anchihuay (Ayacucho region), Nov. 23.

Prime Minister Cesar Villanueva on Friday affirmed President Martin Vizcarra's administration absolutely favors decentralism, adding State ministers permanently visit the Inca country's regions.

Likewise, the official highlighted governmental authorities' commitment to assisting each region, which is the most urgent affair. 

In this sense, he pointed out the Executive Branch is willing to work jointly with inland mayors and governors. 

"At the moment, ministers are visiting the entire country. Every week, ministers are present in the regions. We are a completely decentralist Government," the Prime Minister expressed. 

Furthermore, he indicated decentralization should not be perceived as a set of laws or regulations, but as an attitude towards work. 

"(…) And if we work together, we can help each other," Villanueva added. 

Moreover, the cabinet chief promised to periodically visit the Valley of the Apurimac, Ene, and Mantaro rivers (VRAEM) in order to undertake efforts —with local mayors— aimed at prioritizing projects to connect this area with nearby places. 

The official also called on authorities to fight against anemia by promoting campaigns intended to benefit the most vulnerable populations. 

Remarks were made during the launching ceremony of the 2021 VRAEM Development Strategy.


Published: 11/23/2018
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