Peru President: Our legacy will be the reforms

14:03 | Lima, Dec. 9.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Monday affirmed that the greatest legacy of his administration will be the reforms undertaken, adding he does not fear an eventual investigation of the complaints already shelved.

"Today we fight another battle: the fight against corruption, and we do it convinced that many committed Peruvians demand so; they demand so in the streets and in every corner of the country we visit," the President expressed.

"Our reforms will be our greatest legacy," the Head of State underlined during his participation in the ceremony for the Peruvian Army Day and the 195th Anniversary of the Battle of Ayacucho, which consolidated the nation's Independence in 1824.

After recalling that one year ago Peruvians mostly expressed their support for Executive Branch's reformsthrough the referendum, the dignitary noted this marked a milestone in the process of building the Republic.

"Our choice is clear; we have not come to govern, so that nothing changes. We will continue working harder than ever, so that the transformation we are undertaking reaches out to all corners of Peru," he stated.

However, the top official said there are those who —in order to defend their interests— pressure the State powers, lobby uncontrollably, and finance parties obscurely, among many other things.

"In the face of this situation, we have two paths: getting used to a reality we do not deserve, or we can continue with the reforms hand-in-hand with all Peruvians," he pointed out.

Throughout all this process, the statesman said his administration has suffered innumerable attacks, but he reiterated his position that everything be investigated, including complaints that have already been shelved after no irregularities were found.

"We have nothing to hide, we have nothing to fear because our struggle is honest, and it is for the sake of the Peruvian people," he emphasized.

The President mentioned that the Government promoted the law of healthy eating, generic medicines, and universal health care, in addition to the rule that controls business mergers to avoid monopolies and allow small-medium enterprises to compete on the same level.

"Each of these reforms affects powerful interests and privileges, the attacks we receive every day are not surprising; they are not the first nor will they be the last ones; we will continue to govern for the benefit of the population," Mr. Vizcarra said.

"We are going to deepen the political and justice reform; we are going to continue working to build a Peru without corruption, with solid institutions and a macroeconomic growth that benefits all Peruvians," he concluded.


Published: 12/9/2019
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