Peru President leads Ayacucho Battle anniversary ceremony

12:52 | Ayacucho (Ayacucho region), Dec. 8.

The President of the Republic Martin Vizcarra on Sunday participated in the commemoration ceremony for the 195th Anniversary of the Battle of Ayacucho, which took place in the Historic Sanctuary of Pampa de la Quinua.

During his speech, the Head of State stressed that the battle opened a new stage to the nations of the continent on their long and hard road to freedom, equality, and justice.

The top official also mentioned that in the Andean area the brave Peruvian heroes overcame adversity, as well as ended years of subordination and pain.

"They taught us that the destiny of human beings is linked to freedom and self-determination; especially, they taught us that it is possible to achieve great goals if we act with perseverance and faith because independence was the result of the sum of efforts and wills," he stressed.

In his address, the statesman also referred to milestones on the road to independence such as the uprising of Tupac Amaru II, or the first cry of independence by Francisco de Zela in Tacna.

"This is why this is a day that shows the spirit of our people as a generous and determined people," he added.

The President was accompanied by Defense Minister Walter Martos on the occasion.

The Battle of Ayacucho consolidated the independence of Peru on December 9, 1824.


Published: 12/8/2019
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