Peru President: Gov't to move political-judicial reform forward

13:20 | Lima, May. 30.

President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday reaffirmed his administration's commitment to bringing the political and judicial reform forward, after enacting the regulation that modifies Law 28687 aimed at making possible the formalization of public markets of informal property.

"We will fight corruption together (…) and also united will we move the political and judicial reform forward, which we need in order to rely on better institutions," the Head of State expressed. 

Likewise, he indicated the recently-enacted law will benefit over 2 million Peruvian entrepreneurs that have a store at a central market, but not the corresponding property titles. 

Furthermore, the top official reiterated his administration works to improve Peruvians' quality of life

Moreover, the statesman underlined 70% of entrepreneurs working at central markets are female citizens. For that reason, this is a good idea to support them and also to fight violence against women

Finally, President Vizcarra made a call for unity in order to accomplish the goals set by his administration with the purpose of improving the citizens' quality of life.

On the occasion, he was joined by Congresswoman Ana Maria Choquehuanca —promoter of the bill— and Housing, Construction and Sanitation Minister Miguel Estrada. 


Published: 5/30/2019
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