Peru: Prosecutor does not rule out detentions, seizures linked to OAS case

13:40 | Lima, Mar. 15.

Peru's Lava Jato Case Special Prosecution Group Coordinator Rafael Vela on Friday did not rule out coercive measures —such as preliminary detentions or seizures— after having received information from Brazilian construction company OAS, within the framework of a collaboration agreement negotiated with the Prosecutor's Office.

According to him, there are open investigations linked to OAS. Thus, the probationary and testimonial approach will be increased. 

"This accord enables access to vital information. We are in the process of delivering information (…)," Vela told RPP radio and TV station. 

Once all the data given to Prosecutors Carlos Puma and German Juarez has been organized, new probes could be opened.

Likewise, Prosecutor Vela informed the OAS company admits the criminal acts and is committed to providing evidence, as well as paying civil reparations

Furthermore, Vela affirmed the former OAS executives —involved in the collaboration agreement— had been linked to commercial and business activities in Peru. 

However, their identities cannot be revealed, as they are kept confidential.

On this occasion, the prosecutor indicated former OAS executives were the first ones to adhere to the collaboration agreement. Afterwards, the company agreed to cooperate with authorities. 


Publicado: 15/3/2019