Peru President: Justice system reform to start in 15 days

18:33 | Iquitos (Loreto region), Jul. 16.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Monday informed a number of changes will be implemented to the administration of justice system in 15 days.

"Change will not be achieved in two weeks as the problem started two decades ago. In 15 days, we are going to see the beginning of a series of changes aimed at reforming the administration of justice system," he explained.

"We are outraged, but be assured we are going to fight the scourge of corruption and influence peddling, which is harming our country as a whole," Peru's top official affirmed.

Likewise, Vizcarra assured he will not engage in answering those who use his name without justification.

"These people have surely tried to communicate with the President, but we didn't let them. I haven't contacted anyone," he stated.

"We'll be inflexible and tough when it comes to combating the problem, which has caused widespread rejection of the population," the Peruvian leader added.

As per the new justice minister to replace Salvador Heresi, he said the subject is being discussed and must be fully defined over the course of the week.

Vizcarra addressed the media from rainforest Loreto region, near the tripartite border with Colombia and Ecuador, where he monitored the Armageddon antidrug operation.


Published: 7/16/2018
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