Peru President not to allow use of his name in illegal procedures

15:32 | Lima, Jul. 9.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Monday assured he will not allow the use of the President's name in illegal procedures, and rejected the fact that some magistrates do so to offer favors, as can be heard saying in an audio recording released last Sunday.

He emphasized the meeting with Judicial Branch magistrates —mentioned in the audio— never took place.

"Such meeting didn't happen, and we are not going to allow the use of the President's name in illegal procedures. We strongly reject it and dismiss it," he told the press.

"We work with the utmost transparency and respecting institutions. We never send non-State actors to represent the Executive Branch and make arrangements," he stated.

In this sense, the President rejects third parties' use of his name without consultation.

On the other hand, Vizcarra said he is fully convinced of the need for intensive work to restructure some operations —at all branches of Government— that enable this form of corruption.

Remarks were made in a speech he delivered this morning at Lima-based Government Palace.


Published: 7/9/2018
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