Peru President condemns misuse of his name, calls for rapid and thorough investigation

14:16 | Lima, Jul. 11.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Wednesday rejected the misuse of his name by strangers and demanded an in-depth investigation to punish those responsible for the recent acts of corruption.

In a public statement issued from Lima's Government Palace, Vizcarra said he will not waste any more time answering those who use his name unduly.

"I'm not going to waste a single minute responding on my name's use by people I don't know and I've never met with," he underlined.

On this occasion, the statesman referred to an audio recording of Judge Cesar Hinostroza and businessman Edwin Camayo, in which they are heard discussing alleged links with the Government Palace.

IDL-Reporteros —an investigative journalism site— on Sunday released another audio of a conversation allegedly between Hinostroza and former Judge Aurelio Quispe.

In the conversation, Quispe had asked Hinostroza for a meeting and told him he has a contact who knows the President of the Republic.

Vizcarra on Monday affirmed he does not know Quispe and denied having met with Hinostroza, president of the Supreme Court's Second Transitory Criminal Chamber.

Likewise, Peru's top official assured he will not allow the use of the President's name in illegal procedures and rejected the fact that some magistrates do so to offer favors, as can be heard saying in the aforementioned audio.

The Head of State emphasized the meeting with Judicial Branch magistrates never took place.

"Such meeting didn't happen, and we are not going to allow the use of the President's name in illegal procedures. We strongly reject it and dismiss it," he told the press at that time.

According to statements contained in a different audio recording, Hinostroza had allegedly negotiated —with an unknown caller— the application of a mild punishment against a child rapist.


Published: 7/11/2018
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