Peru President: "We fight drug trafficking and corruption, no matter who falls"

16:50 | Iquitos (Loreto region), Jul. 16.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Monday affirmed his administration fights drug trafficking and corruption "no matter what it costs and no matter who falls," pointing out these crimes affect the country's development.

"There is a permanent concern because drug trafficking is a cancer that mixes with corruption, and together they want to harm the development of the country. The authorities and honest Peruvians, who are many of us, won't let it happen," the President expressed. 

Vizcarra addressed the media from rainforest Loreto region, near the tripartite border with Colombia and Ecuador, where he monitored the Armageddon antidrug operation.

At the site, the statesman stressed his administration's political will to protect the country's borders, as well as reaffirm Peruvian sovereignty.

Within this framework, he recalled intelligence efforts were carried out in the area once it became known the region was facing security problems due to incursions by Colombian citizens.

Peru's top official went on to add the operation was intended to reaffirm the State's presence in the area.

"Yesterday, a state of emergency was declared to guarantee the proper police-military intervention," he said.

Carried out by Peruvian National Police and Armed Forces —in coordination with Colombian Armed Forces— the operation relied on five M17 helicopters, three aircraft, and a Peruvian Army patrol boat.

Afterward, the President reported the authorities have arrested more than 50 people —most of them Colombians— who were engaged in illicit drug trafficking practices.

"We are firm, we are clear, we are going to defend the sovereignty and our territory, and we are going to use the power of force to do so. We also want to reach out (to locals) with development", he concluded.


Published: 7/16/2018
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