Peru President: "We must fight corruption firmly"

12:56 | Lima, Apr. 24.

Peruvians must combat corruption firmly as it halts the country's development, President Martin Vizcarra pointed out Tuesday.

In this sense, the Head of State reaffirmed his commitment to supporting all investigations aimed at punishing this scourge.

Vizcarra also explained the Peruvian Government respects the autonomy of the Judicial Branch, Public Ministry, and Comptroller General's Office. Yet, it will take necessary actions to avoid impunity, as well as to identify those responsible for corruption offenses.

"We have already said that corruption does not allow the country to develop. We must fight it firmly and provide facilities (...)," the statesman expressed.

"Impunity generates more corruption. The best example is to punish corrupt officials," he added.

According to the Peruvian leader, authorities must be honest people, who always work in favor of the population.

Moreover, he noted his proposals for political reform —such as the return to a bicameral legislature and the restoration of the Senate— are medium and long-term measures.

Remarks were made as President Vizcarra oversaw the entry into service of Las Torres Bridge in Lima Metropolitan Area's Lurigancho-Chosica district.

He was joined by Transport Minister Edmer Trujillo and Authority for Reconstruction with Changes Chief Edgar Quispe on the occasion.


Published: 4/24/2018
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