Peru President: Our administration will visit all regions

14:20 | Lima, Oct. 29.

President Martin Vizcarra on Monday announced the Executive Branch will pay a visit to each Peruvian region —from November 8 to December 8— in order to hold meetings with province and district authorities.

These encounters are aimed at coordinating efforts and measures intended to boost investment projects

Likewise, the Head of State indicated governors and mayors should work together with the Executive Branch. Otherwise, efforts will be pointless and the proposed objectives will not be achieved. 

"The key to success is to begin the four-year term with a clear coordination among the government's branches," the top official expressed. 

"(…) since natural resources are limited, sometimes efforts are doubled, whereas other important areas are left behind," he said. 

Within this framework, a meeting was held at the Government Palace with the purpose of presenting how regional governments and municipalities are managed. 

According to statistics, public investment shrinks during any transition process. Therefore, such gatherings aim to minimize this negative effect as much as possible. 

President Vizcarra also highlighted the recently-elected authorities' willingness to initiate new public investment projects at their respective jurisdictions.

However, he stressed, it is important to continue the works former administrations had already started

Moreover, it is urgent for the Executive Branch —alongside regional and local governments— to implement measures aimed at reducing anemia among minors, as well as fighting violence against women

"We are a decentralist government; we trust the regions and municipalities. We want to show that through an open, honest, and direct relation (…)," the Head of State added. 

"Welcome to your home, the Government Palace. From this moment, let's affirm a commitment to hard, honest, and dedicated works to improve Peruvians' quality of life on the coast, highlands, and jungle," he concluded.   


Published: 10/29/2018
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