Peru President urges population to elect authorities wisely

13:49 | Bagua (Amazonas region), Jul. 12.

President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday affirmed he pledged to change the country while fighting corruption, for which he urged citizens to elect new authorities wisely and monitor the use of resources.

Speaking from Bagua province in Amazonas region, the Head of State remarked that finding the best authorities depends on the population, so he recommended looking for committed, hardworking, and honest candidates.

"Honesty is what Peru needs the most. Corruption prevents development. The reason behind the lack of roads and water in our towns —after 200 years as a republic— is the lack of good authorities. Let's choose well," the statesman pointed out.

According to Vizcarra, Peru is a country with a vast potential in terms of agriculture, fishing, tourism, and human resources. So, if development is not achieved is because authorities spend the money on irrelevant issues.

"Most of this money has been put into their pockets. Let's make an effort to improve. As we proposed a reform in the Judicial Power —where we intend to make a radical change— we also seek a major turnaround in authorities. Let's get together to shape our peoples' development," the President stated.

He went on to say his administration's priority —in the following three years— is to meet the needs of the population, children, and youth, thus safeguarding their future with high-quality education.

If Peruvians, he continued, want to remove corruption, a simple demand is not enough. They must be committed to electing wisely and —once authorities are picked— the population should supervise resources are properly spent.


Published: 7/12/2018
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