Peru: Fishing sector expanded 151% in April 2018

14:46 | Lima, May. 31.

Peru's fishing sector saw a 151% rise —in terms of volume— in April 2018 from the same month last year, Production Minister Raul Perez-Reyes informed Thursday.

According to the cabinet member, this growth was mainly underpinned by greater anchovy catches destined for fish meal and oil production.

The increase in the unloading of species for direct human consumption —especially those aimed at the canning and freezing industries— such as giant squid, anchovy, mackerel, prawn, and tuna also contributed to the expansion.

It must be noted Peru's north-central regions saw the largest number of anchovy landings.

Within this framework, Perez-Reyes indicated the quota set for 2018's first fishing season stands at 3.3 million tons.

The official also pointed out the landing volume increased 728,500 tons last April over the same month in 2017 (480,900 tons). Thus, it led to 1,209,400 tons.

Economically speaking, the fishing sector experienced an important growth of 81% in the analyzed month.

This positive result was mostly driven by the increase in catches of anchovy for indirect human consumption, as well as of other species destined for direct human consumption.


Published: 5/31/2018