Peru President urges local, regional authorities to stand firm against corruption

12:58 | Lima, Feb. 22.

President Martin Vizcarra on Friday urged regional authorities to stand firm in the fight against corruption in order to avoid repeating the story based on governors and mayors imprisoned for committing this crime.

"(…) For that reason, I invite, ask, and urge you to stand firm in the fight against corruption. That will make the difference," the Head of State expressed. 

Likewise, the top official indicated it is necessary to combat impunity and punish those who have committed corruption offenses

"We must do it firmly. Impunity generates a lot of damage since it promotes corruption," he added. 

Furthermore, the statesman pointed out one of the ways to accomplish this task is by increasing transparency and informing about the decisions made, not only to institutions in charge of verifying the correct use of State resources, but also to civil society and the general population. 

"Transparency enables us to be vigilant regarding the resources which belong to all Peruvians," President Vizcarra said. 

He also reaffirmed his request to local and regional authorities to complete the projects and works started by former administrations, namely those that had experienced significant progress. 

"The idea is to prioritize projects that will truly generate progress and development in each one of your regions," the Head of State concluded. 

Remarks were made during the second day of the 10th GORE-Executive meeting held at the Government Palace.


Published: 2/22/2019
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