Peru President: 2019 General Budget to prioritize women's rights

14:12 | Lima, Aug. 7.

The General Budget for 2019 will prioritize women's rights and the eradication of violence against female citizens, Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra informed Tuesday.

"I want to express my administration's commitment to this issue. We are discussing the public budget for 2019, and be assured that women's rights will be a priority for resources allocation next year," he stated. 

The Head of State recalled violence against women is a problem that affects everyone and infringes upon human rights. 

Thus, the Executive Branch is committed to working alongside the population to eradicate this scourge. 

"We need to destroy male chauvinism patterns seeded within society, as well as protect children, teenagers, women, elders, and people with disabilities," he added. 

In this sense, the President highlighted the efforts undertaken at State-run Women Emergency Centers (CEM).

There are currently 245 of such establishments attached to health centers, and an additional 221 will be built by 2021. 

The reduction of childhood anemia and eradication of corruption are also main issues for his administration, the Peruvian leader stressed.  

The official went on to add seven draft bills for the justice system reform have already been submitted to Congress in order to fight corruption.

Remarks were made during the inauguration ceremony for the 3rd Regional Conference on Population and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean

Held at Lima Convention Center, the meeting will run thru August 9.


Published: 8/7/2018
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