inPERU's Road Show launches projects worth over US$11 billion in Vancouver

14:50 | Vancouver (Canada), Sep. 21.

Representatives of Peruvian Ministries (Foreign Affairs, Energy and Mines, Transport and Communications) and Embassy in Canada held inPERU's Road Show in the Canadian city of Vancouver.

Supported by inPeru and the State-run Private Investment Agency (ProInversion), the Peruvian delegates met with important local investors to take a look at nearly 50 projects in different sectors, collectively valued at around US$11.15 billion and due to be awarded between 2018 and 2020.

Given Canada's role as one of the mining industry leaders, the Ministry of Energy and Mines took the opportunity to present its flagship projects. Plus, it announced its intention to make mining project investments —worth at least US$21 billion— viable.

"Vancouver has important investment funds seeking cost-effective, safe alternatives to invest their money. We addressed them to present Colca and Jalaoca, projects expected to be awarded by the end of 2018," Energy and Mines Minister Francisco Ismodes said.

They also mentioned the "Corani deposit in Puno —a project entailing almost US$600 million of investment." 

Colca and Jalaoca, both in Apurimac region, host important gold, copper, and molybdenum deposits that have raised expectations among investors. 
These projects have the foundations to be awarded to private investors through Areas of Non-Admission of Petitions (ANAPs) —a new way to explore and define deposits, in which the State sets basic, environmental, and investment-commitment conditions for their development.


Having signed a Free Trade Agreement with Peru, Canada plays an important role in the mining activity of the Inca country.

Only in 2017, mining investment in Peru amounted to US$3.928 billion, with nearly 20% of that total coming from Canadian enterprises.


Published: 9/21/2018
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