Peru President: I will not bow to corruption, impunity

14:14 | Tacna (Tacna region), Aug. 28.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Wednesday affirmed he will not bow to the challenges his administration faces, such as poverty, corruption, inequality, and impunity.

"As I said last year here, in the Heroic City, I repeat it today, we will not be subdued because we are on the right side, we are on the people's side," the Head of State underlined. 

"The population is honest, we rely on the population, the population must be heard, and the population must be respected," he added. 

Likewise, the top official indicated the Peruvian State will face the challenges —such as poverty, inequality, corruption, and impunity— confidently, defending the principles and values it represents. 

"As the President of the Republic (…), I reaffirm the unity and strength of the Peruvian peopleunity and strength to guarantee the population's right to decide its future at the polls," the statesman said. 

Furthermore, he stressed his commitment is to democracy and the rule of law, especially to the unrestricted respect for the Constitution

Remarks were made from Tacna, where he attended the Heroic City's 90th anniversary of reincorporation to Peru after Chilean dominion following the Pacific War (1879-1883).


Published: 8/28/2019
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