Peru: President Vizcarra asks for unity

10:38 | Lima, Apr. 22.

President Martin Vizcarra has asked for unity among all Peruvians in order to face the true enemies of the country —such as poverty and inequality— and prevent inadequate confrontations.

According to the Head of State, he maintained a prudent silence concerning the death of ex-President Alan Garcia out of respect for his family and loved ones. 

"We believe this type of events must strengthen us as citizens (…)," the top official underlined. 

Likewise, the statesman indicated the difficult moments must be a cause for reflection for the entire nation to be united. He also lamented that some sectors seek to take advantage of these happenings. 

Furthermore, he pointed out that the pain of Garcia's close family can explain expressions that are not rational, such as blaming him and the Executive Branch for the judicial measures ordered against the former Head of State. 

Urges for assessment 

On the other hand, President Vizcarra urged the Public Ministry and Judiciary to carry out an assessment on preventive detention aimed at guaranteeing its correct use in the investigations.

In this sense, the Head of State told TV Peru channel that almost all preventive detention requests are being approved, even though it is an exceptional measure. 

He went on to add the Public Ministry and Judicial Branch are in charge of the evaluation, as these two institutions are constitutionally autonomous. 

"Therefore, we ask, and respecting the independence of powers, (…) that reflection and assessment are carried out between these autonomous entities that request and approve these measures," the top official expressed.

In Peru, the Public Ministry is independent from the Executive Branch.


Published: 4/22/2019
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