Peru PM: Poverty has decreased again

14:31 | Lima, Apr. 8.

Prime Minister Salvador del Solar has announced there will be good news about the reduction of poverty in Peru, which indicates the country is on the right path.

According to the high-ranking official, not everything is bad news in the nation, adding there are things working well, such as the economic situation. 

"Our economy has expanded, I cannot provide the numbers right now, but we're sure we will have good news regarding poverty reduction (…)," he told Latina TV channel. 

Likewise, he pointed out Peru's economic growth rate went from 2.5% (2017) to 4% (2018)

"This year, we (Peruvian economy) can expand beyond, and that generates jobs. Poverty, which had started to increase after so much time, is declining again. That is very important," he pointed out.


Published: 4/8/2019
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