Peru President: Democracy, faith prevail over privilege, cronyism

16:51 | Lima, Jul. 28.

President Martin Vizcarra on Sunday affirmed that —during his 16 months in government— he has led an orderly and peaceful transition, within a constitutional framework after a political crisis.

"Democracy and Peruvians' faith prevail over privilege and cronyism. It is the will of brave and courageous people that boosts the creation of a true rule of law," the Head of State expressed. 

Likewise, the top official underlined the judicial-political reforms —as well as the fight against corruption and impunity— were boosted by the Executive Branch due to citizens' demand. 

Furthermore, he recalled the circumstances surrounding his assumption of the presidency. 

"A great political crisis and institutional distress had disrupted the foundations of the State, thus bothering our citizens," he statesman added. 

President Vizcarra also underlined that a context of social or political turmoil had not taken place in the Inca country, unlike other nations in similar situations. 

In this sense, he pointed out it was clear —since the beginning— that leading Peru from a crisis to a growth and development stage would not be an easy task, but a complex challenge. 


Published: 7/28/2019
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