Peru President: Administration aims at generating growth, well-being

13:34 | Lima, Oct. 30.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Wednesday affirmed his administration's efforts are geared towards generating growth and well-being honestly and responsibly for all Peruvians.

Likewise, he indicated that —in order to face this challenge and redirect the country— the Executive Branch presented five government axes that were included in a supreme decree in 2018, adding they are the roadmap that has been followed since the very first day.

Furthermore, the top official recalled these axes include the fight against corruption, institutional strengthening, economic growth, social development, and regionalization

"This act is a firm and clear expression of our highest respect and consideration for the Peruvian population," the statesman expressed. 

Remarks were made during the presentation of the cabinet's measures by Prime Minister Vicente Zeballos.

Regional governors, mayors, as well as representatives of political parties, business groups, and civil society attended the ceremony at the Government Palace in Lima.


Published: 10/30/2019
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