Peru President reaffirms commitment to development and decentralization

13:23 | Lima, Jul. 28.

President Martin Vizcarra on Saturday reaffirmed three of his administration's axes —for the coming years— are related to the economy.

During his address to the nation on the occasion of Peru's 197th Independence Day anniversary, the Head of State reiterated his administration is based on five main axes.

These are: (1) integrity and fight against corruption; (2) institutional strengthening for governance; (3) equitable, competitive, and sustainable economic growth; (4) social development and population's well-being; and (5) effective decentralization for development.

Likewise, the Peruvian leader pointed out he had already presented his administration's main guidelines during his inauguration speech in March 2018.

"Then, we developed them and, for the first time in Peru's history, they are reflected in the Government's General Policy Towards 2021 (…). This is the path we have been following since the beginning," the statesman noted.


Published: 7/28/2018
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