Peru President: Electing Constitutional Court members to be deemed refusal of confidence

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00:03 | Lima, Sep. 30.

If Congress on Monday decides to first elect the new Constitutional Court (TC) members, the Executive Power will deem this act as a "refusal of the confidence" it recently requested to Parliament, President Martin Vizcarra affirmed on Sunday night.

Confidence motion

On that occasion, he said it is a priority for his administration to comply with the constitutional standards, which guarantee the full independence of the organization.

The Process

The cabinet is expected to arrive at Congress at 8:30 AM (local time) before the start of the plenary session. For its part, Parliament intends to elect the court members on the same day, a process that has been questioned by the citizens.
The President went on to add that —if Congress does not discuss the motion first— the Executive Branch will act according to what is established by the Constitution, which considers the dissolution of Parliament.

"This would be taken (as denied confidence) because it has been announced by the President, and there is a document delivered to Congress on Friday," he stated.

The top official mentioned that Parliament must live up to the challenges and listen to the explanation of the motion aimed at modifying the rules for the appointment of court members.

He went on to add this is not a dispute between the President and some lawmakers, but rather a fight against corruption and against the immunity wrongly used as impunity.

The statesman said the confidence motion seeks transparency in the election of the court members, which is the objective of citizens and should be taken into consideration by legislators when making a decision.

He argued that the request to be made by Prime Minister Del Solar is based on the government policies to fight corruption and strengthen the State-run institutions.

I will act in compliance with the Constitution

"While addressing a topic of such relevance, as is the election of the Constitutional Court —which is the highest institutional entity that ensures respect for the Constitution— if the confidence is denied, we must act according to the Constitution," he underlined.

The statesman assured the nation he assumes all the responsibility involved in the exercise of the office of President of the Republic —including an eventual impeachment process— because he acts in accordance with the law and the Constitution while taking all the corresponding actions for the benefit of the country, and not for private interests.

Vice-President Araoz

The top official indicated he had spoken with Vice-President Mercedes Araoz about the possible scenarios, such as an eventual impeachment against him or resignation of the office of President of the Republic. However, Araoz indicated that —if that were the case— she would assume the presidency until completing the mandate.

"She has told me that she would continue if any of two cases happened, that she has changed her mind. There is a willingness of the Vice-President to continue, that was the conclusion of the meeting," he expressed.

Early general elections

"The issue is not closed. After Monday, the day on which the Constitutional Court matter will be assessed, we will analyze the issue again," he said.

Lastly, he affirmed that Congress' Rules of Procedure (Art. 70) lays out that any commission proposes the shelving of a bill, but the only instance that can determine the true removal of a bill is the plenary session, a path that the Executive's initiative has not followed.


Published: 9/30/2019
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