Peru PM: Early general elections to open a new chapter for country

15:14 | Huarmey (Ancash region), Sep. 10.

Prime Minister Salvador del Solar on Tuesday affirmed that the constitutional reform bill aimed at holding early general elections will enable the start of a new political chapter that Peru urgently needs.

"The Government, acknowledging that we are going through three years of high political turbulence and that the origin is related to the enormous corruption crisis that was uncovered, has made a concrete proposal to Parliament in order to hold early general elections and start a new political chapter in the country," he expressed.

According to the cabinet chief, this new chapter will not only comprise the electoral issue, but also the completion of the political-justice reform, as well as the execution of the National Competitiveness Plan and the Infrastructure Plan.  

"These are fundamental elements that we are working on at the Government," Del Solar added. 

Remarks were made after signing an accord on the financing and execution of the project aimed at improving and expanding the drinking water, sewage, and wastewater treatment systems in Huarmey.


Published: 9/10/2019
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