Peru: 70% of citizens support early general elections proposal

10:57 | Lima, Aug. 26.

President Martin Vizcarra's proposal —aimed at calling for early general elections by 2020— is supported by 70% of citizens, the latest Peruvian Studies Institute (IEP) poll has revealed.

According to the survey, 74% of the respondents are aware of and know about the bill announced by President Vizcarra on July 28. 

Likewise, it indicates 65% would vote in favor of calling for early general elections if the referendum were to take place tomorrow, while 24% would be against it. 

Furthermore, 39% of Peruvians considered a referendum is the best option, whereas 22% believe a legal mechanism should be created at Congress in order to hold early general elections without a referendum. 

On the other hand, 75% think better Congress members can be elected and 68% believe early general elections will renew democracy. 

Moreover, President Martin Vizcarra's approval rating stood at 47%, a 7% expansion compared to the previous month.

Technical details
Pollster name: Peruvian Studies Institute (IEP)
Registration Number: 0393-REE/JNE
Resolution: 1209-2018-DCGI
Publishing company: La Republica Newspaper
Sample size: 1,224
Level of confidence: 95%
Margin of error: +/- 2.8%
Fieldwork period: August 17th-21st, 2019
Sampling locations: Metropolitan Lima, northern, southern, central, south, and eastern areas


Published: 8/26/2019
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