Peru PM: Govt is above political noise, advocates for development

Photo: PCM Peru

Photo: PCM Peru

10:34 | Lima, Sep. 9.

Prime Minister Salvador del Solar on Monday affirmed President Martin Vizcarra's administration is above the political noise, adding it advocates for a pact aimed at moving the Competitiveness and Infrastructure Plan forward.

Likewise, he indicated it is essential to protect education in order to achieve better competitiveness on a global scale

Furthermore, the cabinet chief pointed out one of the ways to focus on a certain development intended for competitiveness is by selecting certain issues everyone should agree on, regardless of the political situation. 

"One of those issues is the Competitiveness Plan, the other is the Infrastructure Plan, another one is the political reform and the justice reform (…), but without a doubt, one of the issues we must protect is education," he expressed. 

Moreover, Del Solar reiterated the Executive Branch is focused on fighting informality

Remarks were made during the opening ceremony of Peru CEO Impact Summit held in Lima.


Published: 9/9/2019
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