Peru: Govt requests private, public sectors to work on Competitiveness Plan

16:42 | Lima, Sep. 3.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra and Prime Minister Salvador del Solar on Tuesday presented the 84 policy measures that are part of the National Competitiveness and Productivity Plan for 2019-2030.

In this sense, both officials requested the attendees —authorities, businesspeople, guild leaders, union leaders, academicians, and civil society members— to join efforts and continue to work articulately in order to implement these measures. 

According to Del Solar, the Competitiveness Plan marks a roadmap the Inca country must follow in order to become sustainable and competitive, adding it must transcend administrations, as it includes medium and long term measures thru 2030.

Likewise, he stressed this document is the outcome of the consensus among diverse public and private entities, guild representatives, businesspeople, employees, and academicians. 

It should be noted the National Competitiveness and Productivity Plan is composed of 84 policy measures, arranged in nine priority goals described in the National Competitiveness and Productivity Policy, approved in December 2018. 

Its objective is to sustainably increase the well-being of all Peruvians by creating an environment that promotes formal and productive entrepreneurships; integrating and diversifying the economy; and boosting a more inclusive, as well as sustainable economic growth. 


On his part, the Head of State informed the National Infrastructure Plan for Peru's Competitiveness includes 52 projects across the country.

The projects —worth almost S/100 billion (around US$29.41 billion)— are aimed at closing the Inca country's infrastructure gaps


Published: 9/3/2019
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