Peru PM: Debate should not change bills' essential sense

13:32 | Lima, Jun. 4.

Prime Minister Salvador del Solar on Tuesday affirmed the debate at Congress —concerning the confidence motion introduced by the Executive Branch— must be carried out within a framework that does not change the essential sense of the political reform bills.

"Is there space for discussion and parliamentary contribution? We believe so," the high-ranking official expressed. 

According to Del Solar, the Executive Branch's request is within what is reasonable. 

Likewise, he pointed out that —if the confidence motion is a political request for support for the Executive Branch's initiatives— then it is logical that said backing does not denaturalize the proposals. 

On this occasion, the Prime Minister presented five bills related to the reform on strengthening institutionalism and the fight against corruption, as well as a new initiative on lifting parliamentary immunity.

Confidence motion

Via this mechanism, a State Minister —on an individual basis— or the Prime Minister —on behalf of the Cabinet— can ask Congress for a vote of confidence regarding a law or government initiative, according to articles 132 and 133 of the Constitution.

Under article 133 of the Constitution, the denial of the confidence leads to a total crisis in the Cabinet.

Article 134 of the Constitution states that the President of the Republic has the power to close Congress if the latter has passed the motion of censure or denied the vote of confidence to two Cabinets.

As is known, the current Congress had already granted a no-confidence vote to a former Cabinet in September 2017. At that time, Mr. Vizcarra was serving as Vice-President.


Published: 6/4/2019
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