Peru PM reaches Congress to introduce confidence motion

14:49 | Lima, May. 30.

Prime Minister Salvador del Solar on Thursday arrived at the Congress building to present a confidence motion regarding State policies aimed at strengthening institutions and fighting corruption in the country.

The projects in question are parliamentary immunity, banning sentenced people from becoming candidates for public office, allowing the population to participate in the selection of candidates at primary elections, removing the preferential vote, guaranteeing the political participation of women —by relying on parity and alternation—, and prohibiting dirty money from entering the political campaigns.

Likewise, he urged Congress to reconsider its decision to close the file on the constitutional complaint against ex-Attorney General Pedro Chavarry.

The Peruvian Constitution allows an acting President to close Congress and call for new legislative elections if Parliament dismisses two cabinets.

As is known, the current Congress had already granted a no-confidence vote to a former cabinet in September 2017. At that time, Mr. Vizcarra was serving as Vice-President.


Published: 5/30/2019
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