Peru: Education Minister requests Congress to side with children

12:42 | Lima, May. 9.

Peruvian Education Minister Flor Pablo on Thursday asked Congress to take sides with children and teenagers by providing them with a civic education that protects them, as well as giving them a comprehensive education on gender perspective and sexuality.

According to the high-ranking official, she willingly appeared before Parliament because she is "the Minister of all male and female Peruvians."

"For that reason, as a teacher, mother and woman, I urge you to take sides with our boys, girls, and teenagers," Pablo expressed. 

Likewise, the cabinet member assured it is necessary to continue working on the education reform with the National Curriculum intended for the education of all citizens, which contains seven perspectives: rights, intercultural education, inclusion, environment, common well-being, excellence, and gender equality

Concerning the gender perspective, she indicated this matter is not new, as it dates back 10 years and consists in proposing equality between men and women, a process free of stereotypes hindering development. 

Remarks were made at Congress during an interpellation session.


Published: 5/9/2019
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