Peru President: Good education key to root out corruption

10:49 | Huarochiri (Lima region), Sep. 6.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday affirmed that good education will banish corruption in the future, and noted his administration will remain committed to investing in this service.

"The principal reform to correct this situation in the country is aimed at education. We'll root out corruption problems if we get a good education," the statesman pointed out.

"We want schools to produce good students (…). We need to shape good people, good Peruvians. If we achieve that goal, corruption will be eradicated, take that for granted," he added.

By doing so —the Head of State remarked— the country will have correct and honest authorities who work for the common good.

For this reason —he continued— the Government places a great value on education as it will bring on the significant change the country needs.

"We are committed to further investing in education," said Vizcarra while inaugurating infrastructure works at San Antonio de Jicamarca School in Huarochiri province.

After saying the works are the result of a partnership between the Education Ministry and local authorities, Vizcarra announced they will be complemented by basic services in the area.

The Peruvian leader noted the sanitation and water project at sector 22 will start in 2018 and would be completed after two years at the most with an investment of S/310 million (about US$93.4 million).


Published: 9/6/2018
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